Server Rules and Settings

We have a very large diverse ARK Survival Evolved server with survivors who are as young as 9 or 10 yrs to older more seasoned veterans therefore it is important that we reiterate that while raiding and PVP is part of the game needless trolling or griefing will not be tolerated and subject to Admin action. We have worked very hard to promote our server as a safe place for families to come and enjoy ARK Survival Evolved without being harassed or run off for anything other than in game possible gain. For example, a level 70 should not be constantly killing a level 10, there is nothing to gain from it and constantly doing so on purpose is considered griefing in our eyes and will be dealt with as the Admin sees fit.

All maps are currently set to PVE until further notice.

Please keep in mind playing on our server is a privilege not a right and any player that fails to follow the server rules can be banned at anytime and have his or her entire existence deleted from the server to include structures and dinos.

Swarming will not be tolerated on any of the Servers (when large PVP tribes jump from server to server attempting to wipe out tribes, usually for YouTube content). Any tribes with players with steam ID’s that have been linked to swarming groups such as ”123”, will be banned and all structures and Dinos will be deleted. There are over 10,000 servers out there that might tailor to that kind of PVP but this is not one of them.

Tribe leaders will he held accountable for the people in their tribe.

Anyone banned from the server may submit an appeal to the Admin via email and their case will be reviewed.

If a banned survivor is allowed to return they will be forced to start with whatever they have when they log in. So if they were lucky enough not to have their structures and character deleted then they start from where they left off. But if they did have anything deleted, they will not be reimbursed at all and will have to start over. While these rules might sound harsh they are needed in order to ensure for the livelihood of our server. is the only governing entity on this server and reserves the right to run their server as they see fit in which will always be in the best interest of the server.

The use of any inappropriate naming conventions no matter what language it is in will not be tolerated.

The use of sexual harassment or any discrimination based on race, color, religious preference or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Inappropriate language will not be tolerated in the ARK Survival Evolved Global Chat or in the World Chat channel in TeamSpeak. You are free to say what you wish in any other TeamSpeak channels or in Tribe Chat.

Pillaring will not be tolerated. Aka. The act of placing pillars or foundations down across the map in an attempt to keep others from building there.

Building in caves or blocking access to caves that have artifacts in them is not allowed. Everyone should have equal access to all artifacts or explore nodes. You are free to build in any other cave that doesn’t have artifacts in them.

The server is constantly changing its settings to accommodate a variety different sponsored events throughout the year but below are the default server settings we use. If you ever have an idea for an event, please let us know as we would love to hear from our community on any recommended improvements to the gaming experience on our server.

All server hosted events such as the Dodo fight club, Great Raptor Race ect.. ect.. are PVP safe areas designed to bring everyone on the server together for a day of fun without having to worry about being killed. Strict penalties will be issued for those that disobey this policy.

This is a PVE/PVP server so we use the “No Raiding While Offline” to protect our survivors bases from aggravating offline raiders. So you can go about your day worry free of getting raided when you are not online and actually experience PVP the way it was meant to be experienced. Please keep in mind that the raid protection does not go into effect until the end of a 15 minute timer that starts as soon as the last member in your tribe logs out. In addition, keep in mind that raid protection only protects your dinos and structures so make sure you camp for the night inside a structure or you may be killed or robbed while you are offline.


SS on all maps

Game Settings

1.25X XP
4.5X Taming @ .5 Dino Food consumption
2X Harvesting Resources
3X Hatching/Breeding
Offline Raid Protection – Goes active 15 min after you log. This only protects your Dinos and Structures so make sure you camp inside of a structure or you might be killed or robbed while you are offline.
Cross arrow targeting On
Show me on map ON
Decomposing times for corpses and item bags set to X2. (30min)
Download of characters, Dinos or items from servers outside of the cluster are turned OFF. (You can move characters, items and dinos back and forth to servers.

ALL Maps – can up/down load survivor, items and Dinos.

Auto destroy/Structure Decay is set to 3X the time of the default timer. AutoDestroyOldStructuresMultiplier=3.000000 So in theory you have three times the normal time you can be offline without logging in Ark before your structures are auto destroyed.

Normal Ark Times: 

Thatch/Storage/Mortar etc. 4 Days

Wood 8 Days

Stone 12 Days

Metal 16 Days Server Times

Thatch/Storage/Mortar etc. 3x = 12 Days before your structures are auto destroyed.

Wood 3X = 24 Days before your structures are auto destroyed.

Stone 3X = 36 Days before your structures are auto destroyed.

Metal 3x = 48 Days before your structures are auto destroyed.

Auto destroy and Structure Decay is a necessity in order to clean up structures from non-active players and make room for new ones. Unfortunately, the Auto Destroy function is very flaky and doesn’t always work as it should that is why we also added the structure decay feature as backup.

Please look at the Gateway Guide for more info on how to use the cluster system.

To join the server simply open up your game and search the Unofficial servers. In the search box simply type in and our server will pop up. Don’t forget to add it to your ARK Favorites list.

If you are not able to find the in the unofficial list you can connect direct by using a desktop shortcut. Make sure your steam is running before you click on the shortcut.

  1. Right click on your windows desktop
  2. Select New > Shortcut
  3. When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the Island Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the SE Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the AB Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the Extinction Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the Valguero Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the Genesis Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the Crystal Isles Map): steam://connect/
    When it asks where the link will point to, enter the text (for the Crystal Ragnarok Map): steam://connect/
  4. Launch it.

If your steam is running, the “steam://connect/” shortcut you created should launch you right into the server.

We have a very good community made up of wonderful people from around the world with their own unique personalities and hope to keep it that way. So please play within the rules and spirit of the server. And remember anyone caught trying to cheat the system or destroy our community with inappropriate actions will be dealt with extreme prejudice.

Please register with our forum for up to the minute news on the server in addition to gaining access to our members only content.

If you are ever in need of assistance or have any questions please leave the admin a message via this forum or email us at