Team Speak

Our community requested it and we listened. The TeamSpeak is now Live!!! 

To connect search for in your server list. (open up your TeamSpeak and click in top left Connections>Server List then type in in the search and our server should come up).

To connect direct simply use server IP:

We are currently using a 32 slot server and will grow the server with demand.

Our Team Speak server is to only be used by our ARK Survival Evolved players only.

You are allowed to make private rooms for your Tribe/Group.

Please keep all language in the main World Chat Room to a PG-13 Level. Remember this is a Family Friendly Server.

All players are allowed to crate their own room in TS. We have assigned a few volunteers Team Speak Admin rights in order to help us monitor the TS server for unauthorized users as well as to help our authorized ones with any assistance they might need inside of TS. These admins are simply volunteers and have no official affiliation with the servers. If you need any assistance with in game issues​ please notify an admin directly via email or through messenger on this site.

To download the FREE Team Speak client visit: