The ArkFam.com Server came online on 8 Jun 2016 with The Center Map but after a lack of support by the Ark Admins for The Center map, and lack of public interest, the server changed to The Island map on 25 June 2016. The ArkFam.com server is currently set up as a 8 map cluster (The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Ragnarok, Extension, Valguero, Genesis and the Crystal Isles map). The ArkFam.com server is a Family Friendly PVP server that was started by a longtime gaming Father who was tired of seeing inappropriate bulling, bashing and harassment on various official and unofficial gaming servers so he decided to start a server designed to accommodate both hardcore or casual players that wish to explore ARK with their Family, Friends or even Solo without the harassment of nasty inappropriate Trolls that can sour the gaming experience. We make an attempt to maintain a PG-13 atmosphere, but with that said; please keep in mind that this is a PVP server so expect to be Killed or Raided by other players at anytime. Getting killed in the game by other players or being raided Is Part Of the Ark PVP Experience. The Admin does not play on the server but does log in randomly to keep an eye on the Ark. All maps have been turned to PVE until further notice.

Due to our popularity and success, all ArkFam.com servers are no longer hosted on a third party rented server. The ArkFam.com has purchased is own commercial grade Xeon server with SSD drives that runs 24/7 and only runs the ArkFam.com Ark servers resulting in our servers now having 90% less lag, lower pings and approximately a 75% faster reboot time following updates or server reboots.

We do not plan on doing any wipes as we feel wipes are unfair for those who dedicate so much of their real life time to building up, but we do have decay timers active (check out the server settings and info page for more info on decay timers).

We plan on maintaining all ArkFam.com servers for as long as the Ark Devs keep the game alive and have the financing to run our servers for an unlimited time. So play worry free, because we are not going anywhere, anytime soon!!!